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User data deletion

User data deletion

This document outlines the process for requesting the deletion of personal data from Lyrics Translator ("we," "us," or "our"). We are committed to protecting your privacy and providing you with control over your personal information.

1. Data Deletion Request

If you wish to have your personal data deleted from our records, please follow the steps below:

a. Submit a Request: Send an email to [Data Deletion Email Address] with the subject line "Data Deletion Request." In the email, provide the following information:

  1. Your full name.

  2. The email address associated with your Lyrics Translator account (if applicable).

  3. A description of the data you want to be deleted.

b. Verification: For security purposes, we may need to verify your identity before proceeding with the data deletion request. We may request additional information to confirm your identity.

2. Processing of Deletion Requests

a. Timeline: We will acknowledge your data deletion request within [X] business days and inform you of the expected timeline for processing the request. The actual time required to complete the deletion process may vary based on the complexity and volume of the data.

b. Data Removal: Once your identity is verified, we will proceed to delete the specified data from our systems. This includes but is not limited to account information, user-generated content, and personal information.

c. Backup Data: Please note that data deleted from our primary systems may still exist in backup copies for a limited period. These backups are retained for data recovery and system integrity purposes and are automatically deleted in due course.

3. Confirmation

After your data has been deleted, we will send you a confirmation email to the address provided in your request.

4. Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the data deletion process or our privacy practices, please contact us at

5. Your Responsibilities

a. Accuracy of Information: Please ensure that the information you provide in your data deletion request is accurate and complete. Inaccurate or incomplete information may result in delays in processing your request.

b. Protect Your Account: While your data deletion request is being processed, continue to take appropriate measures to protect your account, such as changing passwords or revoking access to third-party applications that use our services.

6. Changes to this Document

We may update this User Data Deletion Request document to reflect changes in our processes or legal requirements. We will notify you of any material changes.

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